Content and file migration

Once you have your migration project’s codebase in the correct format for Silverstripe Cloud and carried out your first deployment you’ll have an empty content copy of your website. Next you’ll want to migrate your live content.

The Silverstripe Cloud uses a content package called a “Snapshot” that packages together both the database and your “assets” folder containing your images and files.

You will need to do the following:

  1. Ensure you can run your project locally with the new Cloud compatible setup detailed in this documentation.
  2. Install the command line tool called SSPak (Note: this only works on Mac OSX and Linux operating systems).
  3. Use SSPak to bundle a *.sspak package file for your website (database and assets).
  4. Login to the Silverstripe Cloud dashboard, go to the Stack > Snapshots section.
  5. Upload your sspak file into a new snapshot.
  6. Restore the snapshot to your server (usually UAT/Testing first, then to production).

See Development > Snapshots for more details

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