Monitoring applications with New Relic APM

The New Relic APM agent monitors your application to identify performance issues or bottlenecks. When configured, the agent is installed on each server that makes up your environment and will send information about every request to New Relic for analysis.

To install the New Relic agent, add the following configuration to your .platform.yml file:

    appname: "<name for your stack>"
    license_key: "<license key from New Relic>"

appname is a customizable field that can be used to identify your particular website within New Relic.

Once you perform a full deployment, the agent is loaded and will start sending data to your New Relic application. If data doesn't appear, confirm that your license key is correct in your .platform.yml and that you've deployed the correct code revision.

Deployment tracking

New Relic APM Deployment Tracking is an addtional feature that allows you to track recent deployments and their impact on your end user and server’s Apdex scores, response times, throughput, and errors collected by the agent.

To send deployments to your New Relic APM application, you will need:

  • an admin API key.
  • your New Relic Application ID, which can be found in the Settings of your New Relic application.
  1. In the Integrations section of your environment, click Add Integration and choose New Relic.
  2. Enter your API Key and Application ID.
  3. Click Save.

When you next perform a successful deployment, you should see your deployment in the Deployments page of your New Relic application. These deployments can then help correlate the data sent by the New Relic APM agent.

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