Silverstripe Cloud Support

In most cases for Silverstripe Cloud customers, requests and support queries should be handled through the Service Desk. This helps to keep track and prioritise things accordingly. This is where you can raise issues, requests or bugs related to your stack or Silverstripe Cloud. Please try to be as detailed as possible with steps to reproduce the issue, appropriate links and screenshots if applicable. If your work is billable (i.e. not covered by your Cloud or Code Care fees) we will come back to you with an estimate before proceeding.

The Service Desk Knowledge Base contains useful self help technical documentation and guides for using Silverstripe Cloud. The Silverstripe CMS open-source project has its own separate documentation and user guides to help you get the most out of CMS tools and software. Cloud documentation has recently been moved to the Knowledge Base within the Service Desk.

Access to Service Desk
When your Stack is created, nominated users (in the Stack Schedule) will receive login credentials for Silverstripe Cloud and Service Desk. This person will typically take on the role of Stack Manager and will have the ability to add others through the Team page of a Stack. If you already have access to a Stack then you will automatically have access to the Service Desk. 

Silverstripe Cloud support packages and services (Code Care)
If you have Code Care with Silverstripe, the Service Desk is the place to log requests for bug fixes, upgrades or enhancements to your website. If you would like to enquire about Code Care please contact your Account Manager or email

For urgent incidents (i.e. major production site outages), please call one of the on-call support numbers. The Service Desk Team have uptime monitoring so it is likely we will know about an outage and will already be working on it before we hear from you. Please be patient when calling these numbers, particularly when outside of New Zealand, as the redirection to the on-call Team's phone may take a while.

Phone support, business hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (NZ time)
Our phone line should only be used in an emergency or when essential, otherwise please log a ticket through the Service Desk.

New Zealand and all other international:
+64 4 978 7333

UK / Europe
+44 12 8827 2026

US / Canada
+1 201 992 5559

Creating tickets
When creating support tickets, please try to be as descriptive as possible so that the support team can assess and respond in a timely and effective manner. Providing key information can help to progress issues toward a resolution:

  • Stack name or ID
  • Environment name (e.g. prod, UAT)
  • URL if relevant 
  • Browser information
  • Current behaviour, and the expected behaviour

Other support options

Bugs and enhancements on your website
If you find a bug on your website or would like to request a new feature, you should first contact the vendor who developed your website to find a solution. This may be Silverstripe or another development agency.

If you believe there is an issue with supported Silverstripe Cloud code or an issue with Cloud that you cannot resolve through your vendor, please contact the Service Desk Team through a ticket and they will deal with your issue appropriately.

Website build and additional support services
At Silverstripe we offer a range of additional services for the support and development of your website. If you would like to contact us regarding any of our services you can contact our sales team through

Silverstripe CMS open source support
Silverstripe CMS has its own feedback form and avenues for support, as this is an open-source project there is a community available to pose questions to and receive advice. Traditionally CMS bugs would be raised directly through the codebase repository on GitHub. For more information about any community-based support please refer to the community website.

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