Managing your profile

To access the profile section, click on your name in the top right corner of Silverstripe Cloud.

Profile overview

Stack roles

In the “Stack roles” section, you can view all of the Stacks you belong to along with the role you have been assigned for each, it also shows whether there are and pending invitations. You can accept invitations either by clicking on the link in the email you’ve received or by clicking the tick next to the invitation listed on this page. You can also refuse an invitation by clicking the button with the cross - in this case, the invitation will be removed and you will no longer be able to join the stack.

Details and Cloud access

Your personal details can be changed by clicking the “Edit profile” button. Please note that your username cannot be changed at this stage.

This section also provides you with an ability to change password. This password changed will immediately propagate to other Silverstripe Cloud services.

You can also access advanced login options under the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) section. For more information about using this option refer to MFA usage guides.

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