The list of domains that your environment is configured to listen for can be found on the "Configuration" tab. The CNAME and A record details are also listed on this page—give these to your domain provider when you are ready to point your domains towards Silverstripe Cloud.

For any new domains that you intend to point to your environments, the service desk must be made aware before you make the DNS change. This is so that the domains can be configured in the relevant servers to correctly route to your environment. To make the service desk aware of new domains create a service request to alter the domain names associated with a Stack.

Go Live DNS settings

For domains that do not contain subdomains please use the A record, and for domains containing a subdomain (eg www) please use the CNAME record. Eg:    A    A   CNAME

Note that for domains that contain subdomains, one of those subdomains must be "www" (for example, for there must be a too)

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