Deploy keys

Basic concepts

Silverstripe Cloud needs to be able to access your code repository for deployments. This is done by using private-public keypair - access is granted by setting up the public key on your repository host (such as GitHub or Gitlab).

The public key can be found on the landing page of each stack.

Deploy key visible on the landing page

Public key is not a secret - the private counterpart is only known by the server. Add the public key to all your repositories that need to be included in the deployment (including private modules).

Configuring Gitlab

To add deploy key to Gitlab:

  • Select the repository to add the key to
  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Repository"
  • Expand "Deploy Keys"
  • If the key was not used yet, add it as new
  • If the key was already used in another project, and you have access to it, click the "enable" button next to it.

Using private modules owned by another party

The deploy key must be set up on all private modules used by your project, however you will only be able to manage deploy keys if you are a master or an owner of the repository.

If you are using a private module owned by someone else, you will need to ask the owner or master of that repository to add your key. Check the "Members" tab to see who this is.

Configuring GitHub

Please refer to GitHub documentation on deploy keys.

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