Introduction to Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector

Note: this page should only be used for Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector clients who have stacks hosted in New Zealand.

What is Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector?

Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector builds on the technology you’ve become familiar with from CWP while giving you the security assurance, recipe management, and service management that should always come with building and hosting websites.

You’ll have the right blend of infrastructure, services, and support out-of-the-box to deliver an experience that’s the best fit for your agency and for the people you’re connecting with across New Zealand.

Things to know

This guide explains some of the differences and new experiences for those who have selected the Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector option of being hosted within New Zealand. Silverstripe Cloud provides a continuity service for those coming from the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform (CWP) that wish to utilise either our New Zealand or international hosting options under the Government Marketplace structure. These guides are predominantly written for those hosted in New Zealand.

Logging in to Silverstripe Cloud

Silverstripe Cloud has 2 logins, depending on where you have selected your stack to be hosted (New Zealand based, or internationally). 

For access to Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector's New Zealand hosted option, customers previously on CWP can continue to use their login credentials but can now access services by logging into Once logged in you will be able to access the deployment dashboard and service desk as per usual. If problems exist, get in touch with our account management team.

Silverstripe Cloud access, logins, and domains – International access to Silverstripe Cloud. Some Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector customers have opted for Silverstripe Cloud's internationally hosted dashboard (AWS). This will also provide you access to the corresponding service desk. – Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector (NZ hosted only) deployment dashboard and service desk access. – Service desk for Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector with NZ hosting. – Technical platform docs for Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector with NZ hosting. – Technical API docs for Silverstripe Cloud Public Sector with NZ hosting.

Minimal interface and documentation changes

For those coming from CWP you may notice some minor changes to the deployment dashboard and service desk interfaces in terms of the branding and some navigational aspects , the interface should contain the same features and layout that you will already be accustomed to. Any technical differences should be outlined in the documentation. Service's like GitLab will remain active for the remainder of the support timeframe so for the time being there is no need to move your code.

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