Silverstripe Cloud and services

Powered by AWS, Silverstripe Cloud is our fully-managed cloud hosting platform that is built to optimise your website. When you use Silverstripe Cloud, you’re getting New Zealand based, 24/7 infrastructure support, with a dedicated team of experts that will help you get the best performance out of your website. We’ve combined our Platform-as-a-Service with an intuitive deployment process, high-performance infrastructure, and your favourite deployment tool that enables your developers to focus on enhancing your website for your customers while our team focuses on keeping it up and running.

Getting the most out of Silverstripe Cloud
Code Care allows you to take advantage of our platform experts to support and take care of all the important ongoing tasks that keep your website secure and up-to-date. We fine-tune, monitor, and update your website so it runs smoothly and securely. Our teams are also on hand to resolve issues with code, do bug fixes, and give you access to our solution architects for the highest level of consultation. Read more about Silverstripe Cloud features and benefits

About the Service Desk
Service Desk is your first port of call for any incident and support requests for Silverstripe Cloud. This is where you can raise all the issues, requests, or bugs that are related to your Stack or your Silverstripe Cloud account.

The Knowledge Base (documentation) articles of Service Desk are public for easy access and you can refer to them without logging into Silverstripe Cloud. This allows all roles of your team to have access to the guides provided. On the other hand for support ticketing where you can raise issues, requests, or bugs—you’ll need to have a Silverstripe Cloud account. More about Silverstripe Cloud Support.

About Silverstripe CMS
Silverstripe Cloud is designed to run, support, and protect websites that are driven by Silverstripe CMS. You can harness the team of experts that built Silverstripe CMS, who will offer you a flexible range of support options that will suit your needs.

Silverstripe CMS is an open-source content management system—it is freely available under the BSD licence. This means that anyone is free to build their website using Silverstripe CMS. While Silverstripe commercially supports Silverstripe CMS, as an open-source product, we are proudly backed by a global community of over 400 developers. We work together to make constant improvements so that your teams are getting the best out of Silverstripe CMS.

With Silverstripe CMS, you have the support of the community that builds it and the company that supports it. We’ve linked a range of resources that you can use whenever you need them:

  • More about the CMS and community
  • CMS user help guides
  • CMS documentation
  • Open-source support options
  • Community Slack channel
  • CWP (NZgovt) specific installations

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