Server configuration using .platform.yml

The configuration of your Silverstripe Cloud environment can be customised through use of a .platform.yml that resides in the root of your site codebase. The .platform.yml is applied to both the base environment and any virtual environments you may have.

An example .platform.yml file:

  max_upload_size: '128'
  version: 8.1

Any .platform.yml within a virtual stack is ignored, as the configuration is set on the base environment.

This YML-formatted file currently supports the following options:

Option Description Example
shared_dirs Specify shared directories to create and link into the webroot of the deployed site. see Shared directories
crons Specify scheduled tasks and cronjobs to be executed. see Scheduled tasks and queued jobs
php_settings Specify PHP settings (including PHP version). see PHP configuration
apache Specify Apache settings. see Apache settings
http_settings Specify web server settings. see Web server configuration
url_rules Specify how certain URLs should be routed see URL rules
packages Specify optional packages to load on your stack see Blackfire or New Relic APM
whitelist Specify IP whitelists to restrict access to your stack see IP whitelisting

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